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Adobe© Photoshop© is the standard drawing, illustration and photo editing tool used in many industries. We believe that Photoshop users, like yourself, should also add Manga Studio© to your portfolio of tools in order to achieve the ultimate complementary tool to Photoshop as well as a competitive edge over everyone else! Below, you'll find 10 reasons why we think you can take advantage of Manga Studio.

Whether you're an experienced artist or just getting started with a new hobby and want to come up to speed super-fast, Manga Studio is an investment that you won't regret.

10 Reasons Why Photoshop Users Should Use Manga Studio:

Amazing Penciling and Inking Tools

Manga Studio offers more versatility and flexibility than any other application when drawing, penciling and inking. It is the standard tool for graphic illustrators as well as comic and manga artists. Create original sketches using your mouse or draw naturally with a Pen Tablet. Use scans of your existing paper artwork or import images or photos for use creations. Draw using a suite of familiar tools including pens, pencils, brushes and selection tools. With vector mapping technology and smart pen pressure sensing, Manga Studio gives you incredible sensation of drawing on paper – no other tool can imitate this realistic sensation. Manga Studio also allows you to work on vector layers to create resolution independent images.

Set up a Personal Work Flow

Manga Studio was written with artists' workflow at the very top of the priority list. All of the most used tools - pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, pattern brushes and selection tools are all right at your fingertips. Customize your own brush shapes, canvas textures, paint expressions and more and then save those as your personal settings.

Color your Artwork

Manga Studio is your all in one graphic illustration creation solution. Save time and money by no longer having to use other applications to professionally color your artwork. Choose from an abundance of preset colors or create your own colors and custom color sets. The possibilities are endless! Quickly switch back and forth between colors. Blend colors naturally as if you were mixing them with your own fingers using the color blend options.

Vector Toolkit

Speed up production using the built-in vector tools. Ability to view the centerline of vectors makes spotting trouble areas in need of smoothing a breeze. Coupled with the vector snapping tools, artists are now able to achieve exactly the lines they want.

Paint Brushes Created Just the Way You Like

Simulate real world brushes, or create and customize your brush. The dedicated air brush also allows you to have multiple air brush effects. Use the tone brush to create a wider array of visual effects. Easily create and share your own brush pattern as well.

3D Options

Support for 3D objects and figures allows for reference and background materials. Manipulate 3D objects directly on the screen or use preset poses. Drag and Drop other 3D objects on the canvas.

Import and Export Capabilities

Quickly and easily output professional graphic illustrations. Finished artwork can be printed from your desktop, sent to professional printers in digital format, or output in popular graphic formats for digital use such as posting them on your blog or social networking site. Manga Studio imports and exports to common file formats including layered PSD files. Resize with no loss in quality. Export your bitmap drawings to resolution-independent vector images.

Use Manga Studio's Specialty Tools & Video Tutorials

Manga Studio includes a large selection of rulers that will speed up your workflow. Including 1, 2 and 3 point perspective rulers, linear, curve and eradiation rulers. For more information on rulers, click here to see the video tutorial. If you're a comic book creator, you'll love the customizable panel creation tools that you can cut and snap exactly how you want them to. For more information on panels, click here to see the video tutorial. If your artwork requires dialog, Manga Studio allows you to easily create word balloons. For more information on word balloons, click here to see the video tutorial. The material folders have hundreds of built-in options to help you expedite your workflow. Finally, Manga Studio has a ton of video tutorials to get you started quickly. These are available to you for free 24/7, check them out here.

64-Bit Architecture & Multi-Core CPU Support

Manga Studio is a 64 bit application! Improvements in speed and memory will be noticed by everyone who uses 64 bit machines. Manga Studio has always been powerful, but now with 64-bit OS and multi-core CPU support, it has the capability to handle high definition and multiple layer art projects even more smoothly.

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The creator of Manga Studio, Celsys, has discontinued the digital download version of Manga Studio 5 and Manga Studio 5 EX, and are only making the physical shipment versions available. In compliance with this, Smith Micro is no longer selling the digital download versions of these programs.

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