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Manga Studio is your all-in-one solution for stunning, ready-to-publish manga and comics. Invigorate your artwork using color, express motion using speed lines, apply dimension with screen tones and add dialog through built-in word balloons. Manga Studio helps you create professional manga and comics from start to finish!

Manga Studio is one of the most powerful illustration products on the market at an incredibly affordable price.

"I love the responsiveness of the program - it's easily the BEST drawing tool I've ever used! The interface is clean and streamlined - a welcome change from MS4. The inking engine is FABULOUS. I literally yelled "WOW!!!" when I started using it. (I have never done that before with *any* software I've used.) You have a winner here!"

~ Krishna M. Sadasivam

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Easily create your own professional comics and manga from start to finish!

    • #1 comic software worldwide
    • Start quickly with your own sketches, photos or illustrations
    • Digital penciling and inking tools will help you save time over hand-drawing
    • Keep the feel of pen and paper with full tablet pressure sensitivity
    • Add dimension and depth with tons of screen tones and special effects
    • Powerful coloring and illustration features based on real world comic tools
    • Everything professional and aspiring comic artists need

Manga Studio 5 EX

All Manga Studio 5 EX Marketing Materials - 29.7 MB (.zip)

Presentation Slides - 6.50 MB (.pptx)

System Requirements - 317 KB (.pdf)

Box Shots - (low & high res) 6.45 MB (.zip)

Logos - 3.83 MB (.zip)

Screen Shots - 8.24 MB (.zip)

Art - 2.32 MB (.zip)


Overview - 150 KB (.pdf)

Reviews - 112 KB (.pdf)

Product Specification Sheet - 1.04 MB (.pdf)

10-25-50-100 Word Descriptions -193 KB (.pdf)

Key Features Full List - 340 KB (.pdf)

New Features in Version 5 - 200 KB (.pdf)

Benefit Statements - 233 KB (.pdf)

Manga Studio 5

All Manga Studio 5 Marketing Materials- 33.8 MB (.zip)

Presentation Slides - 6.38 MB (.pptx)

System Requirements - 297 KB (.pdf)

Box Shots - (low & high res) 8.29 MB (.zip)

Logos - 538 KB (.zip)

Screen Shots - 6.82 MB (.zip)

Overview - 140 KB (.pdf)

Reviews - 130 KB (.pdf)

Product Specification Sheet - 1.25 MB (.pdf)

10-25-50-100 Word Descriptions -193 KB (.pdf)

Key Features Full List - 222 KB (.pdf)

New Features in Version 5 - 249 KB (.pdf)

Benefit Statements - 245 KB (.pdf)

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