Manga Studio EX 4 Tutorials

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Adding Color

You can now color your artwork inside Manga Studio on one layer. Quickly switch between colors using the various color wheels. Sketch, ink and then color your artwork inside Manga Studio without the need for any other graphics applications. Save time and money by creating your entire comic in one application.

Option 1:

To get started, open your Layers palette (shortcut key F4) and add a new layer. Choose Color as the Color Model and change the name of the layer, e.g. Color Layer and hit OK.

Next, select the Polyline Marquee Tool from the Tools Palette. You can access the Tools Palette by going to Window - Tools or clicking the F2 shortcut key.Using the Polyline Marquee tool, trace the area you want to color. A marquee line will indicate the selected area. Open the Color Palette by going to Window - Color or hitting the F9 shortcut key.

Choose a color from the Color Palette and select the Bucket (Fill) Tool from the Tools Palette. Then click the selected area to apply the color using the bucket tool.

You can move the layer down so the color layer is behind the inked layer to show the inked outline.

Now you can see the color and inked outline.

Option 2:

You can also add new layers, choose colors and use the Polyline Marquee tool from within the Beginner’s Assistant interface. To open the Beginner’s Assistant, hit the F10 shortcut key on your keyboard or go to Window - Beginner’s Assistant.

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