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Adding Dialog

Quickly add dialog to your characters with built-in word balloons. Add word balloons with ease by dragging and dropping them onto your page. Freely adjust the font, size, style and spacing of the text. Using the built-in templates and easy manipulation tools, adding and adjusting the size or style of your word balloons has never been easier.

Option 1:

To get started, open your layers palette and materials palette by hitting the F4 and F6 shortcut keys. You can also access both palettes by clicking on ‘Window’ and selecting ‘Layers’ and ‘Materials’ from the menu.

Click on the layer icon on the Layers palette to add a new layer or go to Layer - New Layer. Select ‘Text Folder’ as the Layer Type and name your layer. Then hit ‘Ok’.

Select the Dialog Balloon Material folder from the Materials palette and select one of the word balloons. Then drag and drop the word balloon onto your page.

To add text, just select the ‘Text’ tab on the Properties palette and click inside the word balloon. You can easily adjust the font, font size, font color and more by choosing from the different options on the properties palette. You can also resize the word balloon and text.

Select the curve tail or linear tail tool to add a tail to your word balloon. Then click inside the word balloon and drag the tail in the desired direction.

The direction and angle of the tail can be easily adjusted.

Finished example

Option 2:

Instead of adding word balloons and text using the Materials palette, you can also choose to drag and drop word balloons onto your page from within the Beginner’s Assistant interface. To select the Beginner’s Assistant, hit F10 on your keyboard or go to WINDOWS – BEGINNER’S ASSISTANT. You can access the word balloons by clicking on the ‘Character’ tab.

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