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Ethan Nicolle

TestimonialsHow long have you been using Manga Studio?
About 6 years now. I first used it to do some touch ups on my first graphic novel “The Weevil”. I was impressed at how well it blended with real ink, so I did my entire next book that way.

Ethan NicolleHow did you first find out about Manga Studio?
I was considering drawing my next book in Flash and giving it a real strong cartoony line, but I wasn’t crazy about the ink line in Flash. I talked to a buddy of mine, Charlie Bink, who had just done a book in Flash and said it was a real pain. He had discovered Manga Studio and highly recommended it. When I tried it, I was really impressed. The ink line in Manga Studio remains my favorite.

Can you give an example of how Manga Studio made one of your projects go smoothly?
My first graphic novel, The Weevil, was 100 pages. I did it in ink/brush/pens and each page took me multiple days to complete. My next book, Chumble Spuzz Volume 1, I did completely in Manga Studio and I averaged 2-4 completed pages a day and it was around 112 pages. The first book took two years; the second book took me 3-4 months. I chalk some of that up to me learning and improving, but working digitally really kicked my work into overdrive.

Ethan NicolleWhat work are you most proud of using Manga Studio?
Probably the banner I did for Bearmageddon, my newest project.

What inspires you?
The love of creating, the love of story, the desire to impress the opposite sex and my duty to God to not waste the talents I’ve been given.

What kind of music do you listen to when you work on your projects?
Mainly bluegrass. And not that hip new kinda blue grass with indie vocals and polished studio production. Jimmy Martin, Ralph Stanley, the Whites, Blue Highway, Ricky Skaggs (to name a few). Also, lots of Hank Williams Sr. When I’m not listening to music, I listen to talk radio or Audio Books.

Ethan NicolleWhere has you artwork been featured?
Axe Cop has been featured all over the place including G4, CNN, Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine, MTV and Maxim. But most of my work is on the internet, so that’s already like... the whole world.

What is one of your favorite features of Manga Studio?
Outside of just the ink line which I love, the perspective ruler is awesome. I used to really labor over a T-square and a triangle trying to figure out vanishing points that were way off the page. The perspective ruler saves me a lot of hassle. Also, the focus lines, those come in real handy.

To find out more about Ethan Nicolle and see more of his work in Manga Studio visit his website

Axe Cop is now going to be a syndicated show, check out the trailer:

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